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The email establishes credibility by suggesting the formulas are based on hours of research

A blog newsletter is an email to notify subscribers you've published a new blog post. The task of this email is to entice people to click through: Promise how a blog post will help achieve their aims, transform their lives or solve a problem. Arouse curiosity so people want to find out more.

The email starts with two questions based on the consistency principle: when people nod yes to your questions, they’re more likely to follow your suggestion to click through to read more

Define the key benefit your readers are looking for—saving time, making more money, taking away pain and hassle, avoiding mistakes or becoming happier are all important benefits that apply to most niches.

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  • Blog CRM
  • eCommerce Hosting
  • CMS Hosting

Remind readers of the benefit in the call to action

Start your email with two questions to which every email recipient will reply yes (without even thinking about it); questions that require thinking or might get a no don’t work


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